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Note :

  1. - This is to inform you that we need an affidavit for the applications if we found that there are any differences in the names (spelling/ short or full form of the surname/middle name/ first name) between passport and academic documents or other supporting documents. Please be noted that the applicant's name, his/her father's and mother's name and date of birth must be similar in all documents as mentioned in the passport information page. If any difference or discrepancies found then an affidavit is required as supporting document / 如果我们发现护照和学术文件或其他证明文件中的姓名(姓氏的拼写/简写或 全称/中间名/名)存在任何差异,我们需要您提供公证书。 请注意,所有文件中申请人的姓名、父亲和母亲的姓名以及出生日期必须与护照信息页中提及的一致。 如果发现任何差异,则需要公证书作为证明文件.

  2. If you face any problem in uploading please send all the documents to helpline@lincoln.edu.my / 如果在上传过程中遇到任何问题,请将所有文件发送至 helpline@lincoln.edu.my

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Attention /请注意:

  1. Authorized University Represenatatives are requested to use their Login Id to maintain Proper Accountability/授权大学代表必须使用其登录 ID 来维持适当的责任.
  2. Prospective University Represenatatives are requested fill up the Online Application Forrm to become our Authorized University Representative/请有意成为大学代表的人员填写在线申请表,以便成为我们的授权大学代表.
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To Retrive your partially completed Application using Application ID / 使用申请 ID 重新获取部分已完成的申请.
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