Centralised System
 Online Payment

Kindly Fill up the ID for Payment.This page will be redirected to who is our partner Bank.

Please Click on PAY once your details are displayed.

This page will be redirected to website.

On website please click which ever you have.

Note :
1) This transaction will be shown on your credit card bill as Asia Pacific Higher Learning Sdn.Bhd.
2) Expired or unsupported bank cards will not be listed during payment process.
3) Fees once paid not REFUNDABLE AND TRANSFERABLE to diffrent A/c or application.

 This process may take few minutes . Please DONOT close /PERFORM / previous / forward of the browser for successfull payment transaction of your application.

3.5% service charge will be levied for every transaction.

  • Please be advised that credit card issuing banks may impose additional charges on all CROSS BORDER transactions. CROSS BORDER transactions are defined as transactions whereby the country of the cardholder's bank differs from that of the merchant.
  • Please note that the additional charge is not imposed by Lincoln University College and neither do we benefit from it. You are advised to seek further clarification from your credit card issuing bank should a CROSS BORDER charge be applied to this transaction.